Jake Grove

Born in La Jolla and raised in the suburbs of San Diego, I've grown up with a diverse range of Southern Californian influence. From surfing to skating, the beaches to the mountains, it was only natural for me to pick up a camera and capture it in my own manner.

After taking my first photography class just over six years ago, I've worked through many different industries and my work has taken me across the country and beyond!  

Holding roots in an action sports scene, I have  collaborated with brands such as Sector 9, Arbor, Muirskate, and currently as an in-house photographer (and surf-instructor!) at Surf Diva Surf School as well as holding a staff position at Wheelbase Magazine. Everything from cross country skate trips to adventure-van shoots bring out my passion to tell stories, and capture the unique style of each person and landscape along the way.

It has been amazing working with a wide array of clients and publications, and I am always excited to meet new people and tell new stories! Let's Talk!

Photo: Brian Casey

Photo: Krisnoff

Photo: Somer Myers

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