Salton Sea Exploration #1 - Jake Grove Photo

After picking up my '94 Jeep XJ last April from some family, I've been off and on restoring it, budget building it, and tuning it up to run at its best again. Currently hitting the 215,000 mile mark, the 4 liter is still running strong, but has done little other than commuting. 

To put it to the test, my buddy Aaron and I packed it full of cameras, skateboards, food, shovels and brooms, and hit the road out to the Salton Sea. We drove around Ocotillo before checking out some abandoned structures and empty pools on the East sea, and drove along the shore and around through Bombay Beach, Slab City, Salvation Mountain, and some near trails. A full day of driving and exploring and the Jeep was running strong on road and off, we got to skate a few spots, and meet/run from some crazy people out in the Goonies.

Check out a few of the insta-shots from the day below... On to Joshua Tree next!

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