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Free Board Giveaway at Show!

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Jake Grove Photo and Don Carlos Taco shop are working together to host the Skate Life Style photo exhibit. Located in Downtown La Jolla, Don Carlos is a hole in the wall taco shop, run by Ryan Hill and a handful of employees. This taco shop is legit, and has found its place as a part of the San Diego skate scene, supporting and stoking out skaters all across the county—its only natural that it serves as the venue for a skate photo exhibit. With this show in June, we will be fitting twenty prints along the walls of the shop, with just enough room to walk along and observe them. The show is free, but the shop will be open for business and serving their normal mexican food. Donations for prints are encouraged to help cover current and future show, advertising, and venue expenses. Unframed 12"cx16" lustre prints will be given out for $40 donations. The photo show is on Saturday June 11th, from 5-8pm. It is at 737 Pearl St. Suite 113, Next to Dick's Liquor. Parking can be found along Eads Ave, or in the Vons parking lot on Girard Ave.

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The Skate Life Style Show is about showcasing the skate styles and lifestyles of a variety of skater in the So Cal scene. With this series, 10 different riders were shot, with a two-photo series on each; a portrait to showcase their lifestyle and what they do outside of skating, and a skate action shot to show how they get in board. Skateboarding does't have a true stereotype. There is no true target audience. It is for everyone, young and old, new and experienced, whoever you are. Skateboarding welcomes everyone from anywhere, and the true skate scene holds a diverse grip of riders. We are skateboarders, not stereotypes. We shred everything, but aren't who you think we are. Skating is our life, and brings our lives together, but we still live different lives, hold different backgrounds, and skate and live in different ways.

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