By; Jake Grove     August 17, 2016

San Diego is home to countless all around amazing skate spots, and an abundance of steezy shredders to shralp them up! Living in the northern half of SD, I’m not too far from the classic mountain runs, curvy avocado hills, and dozens of other flowy yet speedy spots that tie the terrain together. I got a call from Jimmy Riha a few days ago, wanting to get a crew together to head a little ways north, and ended up out on the hills for a full day of shooting, spotting, and lurking. With Jimmy’s car full of the conductor himself, AJ Haiby, Adrian Cole, Jacko Shapiera, and Danny Danko, we met up a short ways off the 15 and the sessions commenced. I could go on and further into detail on how rad the spots were, how hot the weather was, or how stylish the riders were, but I feel the photos tell their own story on the session, and will let them take over from here. Enjoy!


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