Brad Edwards (1969-2017)

Brad Edwards had one of the greatest styles and love for life among us all. 

One of the most down to earth and kindest hearts, it was an honor to share time exploring pools and ditches, shooting some of the most stylish skating, and just knowing him as the person he was. I met Brad sometime around 2014 as I was first getting into skate photography, and through the years each time we shot, skated, or just grabbed a bite to eat he was always one of the most caring guys around. Beyond skating, we talked about cars and trucks, different trips and adventures, and he genuinely cared about each and every person's life in general. Brad's messages always read somewhere along the lines of "good job, I'm proud of ya kid! sk8 soon", and most always had a thumbnail of the latest empty pool he had found... 

I could go into detail on all of the encounters with Brad and who he was as a person, but I think it would be best to let the pictures of him show his style and love for life. Some of these had never been published until now, and it means a lot to share them with you all. If you knew brad you know the feeling I'm talking about. This is just a glimpse into my time with Brad, and through his life there were countless others who shared the understanding, and would say he made their time on earth that much better.  

Roll on in heaven buddy  -  Legends never die...

We celebrated Brad's love for life through a paddle out and beach memorial service, at one of his favorite surf spots; South Ponto Beach right at home in Carlsbad. The photos below capture a few moments of this day, and the community that Brad had touched. 

Have a specific memory with Brad you'd like to share? It would be amazing to hear from others below and share some of the experiences that touched our lives.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that if you never had the honor of knowing Brad, these photos could show you just a sliver of the lifestyle he lived, and the stories he had to tell.

As he would say, "Just BE" 

  • Coconut Vera

    2 weeks ago

    Hello friends, i write from Chile, and tomorrow, later a Long searching, leaving in my hands, the Gravity Brad Edwards Skull beach model. Brad Edwards Is the máster of the longskate.

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