By; Jake Grove      June 25, 2016

We are skateboarders. We are the ones you see bouncing between the traffic of the streets, speeding down mountain roads with the wind in our faces, slashing alleyways, and grinding ledges with the screech of our trucks. We find ourselves in different terrains, different spots, different features, and doing different tricks, but we all share a common passion; to explore, and shred everything in our path.

Be it in a secret backyard pool, a public skatepark, a winding downhill road, or a city street; we skate and destroy, skate and enjoy, skate and curate, whatever you want to call it. We shred it and slash it, pop it and bash it, slip it and slide it, grip it and grind it.

We are hated by some, but fueled by many more. Yeah, some of us trespass, grind the crap out of everything, and anger a wide range of people without trying, but skateboarding holds no stereotypes. We are not one, we are many. A collective society of skaters, made of young and old, experienced and new, guy and girl, and everything in between. Skateboarding doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t stereotype, it doesn’t hate. It welcomes all.

With this, I found myself shooting this series to display our collective skate scene. Many enjoy the stoke brought by skating, and bring all different backgrounds, lifestyles, and ideas to the table. In this series, I worked to reveal this wide range of skaters, and showcased two-photo series on 10 different riders to do so.

The mission of the series is this; shoot two photos of a variety of riders to reveal their skate style and lifestyle; include an action shot to freeze them mid-skate and show the type of skating they embrace, and include a portrait to reveal who they are and what they do outside of skating. I’ve been working off and on in this series since October of 2015, and I’m stoked to finally exhibit it at Don Carlos and share it through Wheelbase! We are skateboarders; not a stereotype. We shred with passion and let the stoke flow; out of our minds, through our feet, and into our boards. Enjoy!

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