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I first picked up a photographer role at Wheelbase Magazine in early 2015. As my personal photography skill set grew alongside my liking of all things skateboarding, further roles ensued. My last article to date under the Wheelbase belt was Tried & True - January, 2018.

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I worked beneath editor-in-chief and longtime skateboarder Marcus Bandy. Handling all things photography, journalism, design, social media, product reviews and company correspondence as a remote team member. This role afforded me great opportunities and exposure into the skateboard industry and surrounding community. This web-series focuses on content I personally created for the magazine and is now partially republished under my personal website. is still active, and each feature will be linked to the original, as available.

April, 2015

San Diego, California

The Beginning

     A 15 year-old photographer.

     Just shy of two years behind the shutter.

     Among the largest downhill-skateboarding event local to Southern California.

     MuirSkate. At the time housed in a comfortably sized warehouse. Miramar.

     An online publication.

     Little contact outside a brief string of social media messages.

     Yearning to shoot for something more.


     Hard at work as a shop grom - in form - at Muir.

     Seeing what Scott Lembach and his crew have in store.

     Event Host.

     Downhill Disco. 


     In rolls Bandy and Killsauce.

     The Wheelbase crew.

     You knew the crew.

     That is, if you were of the grom demographic.

     Of the downhill crew. Of this new skate movement.

     Event Begins.

     Skate. Party. Shoot. Event Ends.

     Some shots secured.

     Others lost.

     Looking Back.

     Many photos... Eh.

     The select few. Gold.


     Pulled in as a member.

     Entry level.

     In the loop.

     First Article.

     6 Photos.

     No Words.

     Still... Contribution.

     Text Reads:

     "Article Released"

     Types URL:

     Front Page Slider. The Cover Shot.


     A cover I’d regularly shoot casually the coming years.

     But this one.

     Something else.

     First Achievement.

     Not the last.

     Down the road.

     Washington. Canada. Long Beach. San Clemente.

     Event. Industry. Community. Travel.

     Words. Photos. More Words. More Photos.

     Couple bucks. Here and there.

     More-so, compensation in skate-gear.


     The life.

     A young skate photographer.

     A roots skate magazine.

     Golden years.

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