Finished Mold & Part - Jeep Cherokee Pop-Top Conversion

Jeep Pop-Top Builder Series

The redesigned Jeep XJ Pop Top reached completion in April, 2020 and is the product of a traditional fiberglass molding process.       

The mold was lifted from a hand-shaped plug and is constructed of orange tooling gelcoat, CSM (chopped strand mat) and polyester resin (totaling 1/4" thickness), as well as a steel-tube exoskeleton to maintain rigidity & precise fit.

The part (finalized pop-top camper) is constructed of black production-grade gelcoat, CSM and vinyl ester resin (totaling 3/16" thickness), and a laminated cedar/epoxy interior that added further rigidity to the central plane. 

A new scissor-lift hinge system was fabricated from two layers of 1/4" steel flat bar stitch welded together (effectively 1/2") and machined to extend to the desired angle. 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

It was great sharing the story behind the redesigned pop-top conversion! Let's tell your story next!

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