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Thank you for your desire to support Jake Grove Photo! Click below to see how you can help!

I’ve been asked how individuals can support the content produced through my website, youtube and external mediums.

I prefer to not take straight donations, and at the moment have no form of Patreon or likewise support setups. The brief outline below follows how you can contribute while receiving further value through your kindness. Thank you! 


The number one way you can directly support this content on an individual level is through photography prints. Click here to access the online gallery!

These fine art prints are curated from a range of my journalistic work, travels and personal picks. Offered are high quality prints from as small as an affordable 4” x 6” to a studio sized furnishing. All are printed directly through Bay Photo Lab in California, and offerings include both works from DSLR and 35mm. For further print offerings, please contact me directly.


Select Blog and Jeep Technical posts utilize affiliate shopping links to provide product details and directories to readers. As disclosed in each post, I truly push for local small-scale shopping whenever possible but realize that large scale e-commerce is a reality for many. If this is the case, and a product, tool, or supply provided on my post is of interest, using the affiliate link can lend support to this content.

This method is of no additional cost to the individual and can lend support through an outside purchase. To ensure that you purchase makes a contribution, the following conditions must be met:

Locate the product listing via an associated affiliate link. This can be done by directly clicking on the hyperlink in the blog/technical post. Additionally, a complete directory of linked product can be found here!

Once clicked, you have a 24-hour window to add this product to your cart and check-out. If you would like to order later, it is best to bookmark the post including the link so you can reference it later. When ready to order, click the link via my website and you’ll be directed. Thanks!


I currently finance the complete Jeep Pop-Top Camper build and surrounding content individually and have no company partners.

In the case that your company would like to support any part of this content or surrounding work please reach me directly. I would be grateful to hear of your company's mission and how we can work together. I am intent on partnering only with legitimate brands that I stand behind on a personal and professional level. If that sounds like you, we’ll have something great going in no time.


Non-monetary support is just as important and shows appreciation on each and every level. I work to deliver thought-out and in-depth content; every bit of input drives it further. The greater the demand present, the greater supply I will continue to create. These are the platforms you can join the conversation on:

Subscribe on Youtube!

Catch up on the Jeep Camper build through Expedition Portal!


Follow on Instagram:

@jakegroove - all things jeep &  personal

@jakegrovephoto - all things photography



Thank You!

This page has not been harnessed with an intent in any form to request support or donations. I understand that there are both individuals and partner brands that would like to know how they can contribute, and these are the most effective ways to reach out. Partner brands, as present, will proudly bear their name and image below. Thank you for reading and following along on this journey. Yew!

Thanks for helping me continue this journey and tell my story along the way. Let's tell your story next!

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